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Let me become your fantasy

Cock Worship

I’m so fucking horny right now, and all I can think about is your gods dammed perfect fucking cock. 

The Good Wife

“Damn, you’re so wet,” Luke says to her. I smile and go back to cleaning. They’ve got this covered. 

Coup D’état

There are many parts  of a woman’s body that cultivate desire: the mouth – so capable of bestowing pleasure, delicate breasts, peaked nipples, the curve of an ass, and obviously the moist folds of a pussy. But have you ever considered just how enticing a pair of eyes can be?  Of all the body, eyes have the strongest voice. 

Marriage, Sex, and Illicit Encounters

He moaned in anticipation as I rubbed just the tips of my fingers up and down his shaft a couple of times. Then, I slowly lowered my face down to taste him, mouth open, taking him in, delighting in the sounds of pleasure I was giving to his body.


So, reader/viewer, what do you assume about me based on these photos. What label would you slap across my own ass, so shamelessly prostrated across your own screen, this “altar of fornication” as I’m sure some might call my site.

The Wild Taste of You

There was a moment when she had struck a certain pose that I knew I couldn’t wait another minute to take her. Her full mane had trailed down, obscuring her back.  Her body, filthy and covered in sand, looked as wild and free as the rocks and leaves behind her.