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Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I know that things are isolated up there in the north pole, but surely you’re not still stuck in an era that equates empowered female sexuality with something vulgar or naughty, are you? Now, I will be the first to admit that this year has been the most promiscuous of my life, but that doesn’t mean that I have been naughty. Isn’t the “naughty” you talk about the kind of naughty that refers to little kids not listening to their parents or sticking gum in someone’s hair? I can assure you that I’ve never dreamt of doing such things to anyone, and I’ve always loved the cheer and festivities of the Christmas season. In fact, I think the evidence proves that I’ve been a very good girl this year. Having always thought you were a delightfully jolly man who wanted to spread joy and cheerful wishes, I’m choosing to assume that the excessively large amount of coal that you left for me was due to some sort of mix up. However, just to be safe and cover all of my bases, let me explain exactly why I’ve been a very good girl and why I deserve a red ruby necklace and a basketball team for Christmas. 

First of all, I always obey my daddy. In fact, when it comes to obedience, you could say that I’m leading the game. I don’t simply comply; I make sure to follow daddy’s directions politely and promptly. When daddy asks me to do something, I always respond with “Yes, daddy.” For example, yesterday while we were lying in our big bed, daddy said, “Lila, I want you to suck my cock.” I didn’t hesitate. I stood up seductively and said, “Yes, daddy. I need a taste of your king’s rod right now.” I tied my hair back in a messy bun and lay down naked on the bed next to him. I kissed daddy’s thighs and licked up his abs, going above and beyond the call of duty, before I settled in and gave him a nasty, sloppy BJ that had him moaning and grabbing the sheets with his hands. And just in case you’re not aware, in this context, sloppy doesn’t mean I did a poor job. It means I started by spitting on the tip of his cock to make it nice and wet, so I could suck and slurp him with slippery ease. I used my hand to slide up and down his shaft while my mouth worked kaleidoscope sensations around his beautiful crown. I made sure to let daddy know just how much I was enjoying this act of giving by moaning and throwing him lusty eyes. My obedience made daddy very joyous and had him singing out cumming carols. I hope that you’re starting to see just why I’ve been a very good girl this year. To drive home my point, let me provide you with one additional example. The other day, I was cleaning the house, and I happened to be wearing a little silky red dress. Daddy came up behind me. “Take off your panties,” he told me, and I obeyed right away. When he told me to lean over the counter, I did, letting him have easy access to fuck my lusty little pussy right there in the kitchen, and at his request, I spent the rest of the day without panties on. Clearly, Santa, when it comes to daddy, I’m always a very good girl. 

Furthermore, I’ve been very unselfish this year. Isn’t part of the Christmas spirit the act of giving? While many women selfishly hoard their men, I’ve chosen to make sure that others have the opportunity to experience daddy’s throbbing big cock and soccer toned body. I’ve been at parties and watched with joy and compersion as daddy explored this freedom to spread pleasure and cheer to others. In fact, at a recent Christmas-themed swinger party, I walked into a room and found daddy kneeling on a bed with a beautiful woman lying in front of him. Her beautiful holiday themed teddy wrapped her body like snow on a north-pole pine. She was greedily taking Daddy’s swollen cock into her mouth and moaning in ecstasy at the joy of being fucked simultaneously by daddy in her mouth and another strong attractive man in her pussy. Now, tell me, Santa, if I hadn’t been so willing to share, who would that woman have gotten to take heads in her threesome fantasy? She would have been out of luck, and the holiday cheer at the party could have been broken. Cleary, my giving spirit is strong and vibrant, once again proving just how much I’ve been Santa’s good little girl this year. 

Finally, I’ve been doing my part to spread sultry cheer throughout the world this year.  Despite having a full-time career, a kid, and a family, I make sure to take time to use the creative powers of my mind and seductive views of my body to make jolly moans ring out around the world. I dedicate myself to this endeavor because in terms of seductive sensuality, the world is too deprived. Given how you visit everyone’s home each year, you must have noticed the lack of sexual excitement in so many of them.  By spreading my merry charm, I can help create a world that is more healthy and bright. Not to sound haughty, Santa Baby, but you work to do this one day each year on Christmas, but I’ve been doing it on a daily basis. In fact, this year alone, I’ve reached people from over 100 countries. Of course, this certainly isn’t as impressive as your one-night world journey, but I think it should at least warrant me a spot on the nice list. 

In conclusion, Santa Bae, I’ve clearly been a very good girl this year, going the extra mile to spread cheerful smiles and angelic orgasms throughout the world. Your exceptionally large load of thick, hard coal was unwarranted, and quite frankly, rather insulting. As I stated earlier, perhaps this whole thing is one large throbbing error that can be resolved if you spread my case back open and take a good look at it. As I’ve illustrated in detail, I’m obedient, unselfish, and I work hard to insert cheerful thoughts into minds throughout the world. All of these things combined make my request a reasonable one. Instead of coal, I think I’m deserving of a beautiful ruby necklace to match my ring and a basketball team to make my pussy cream. And in one last good faith effort to prove my utter devotion to the Christmas spirit, I do hope you find these images of me being a very good girl by the Christmas tree to your liking. 

Dear Reader, this post is rich with images, both of the naughty and nice kind. subscribers get to see them. Here’s one to tease you with.

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