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Hi, there. Welcome to my unapologetic celebration of female sexuality. I present art in the form of my body blended with the creations of my mind, words strung together in compromising and thought-provoking positions.

I’m Lila, a married woman in her mid 30s on a rather interesting journey of sexual and creative explorations. The “Autobiographical Erotica” category on this site will give you glimpses into the world of the real me on my recent journey of opening my marriage and exploring myself in ways I never before felt the freedom to.

My writing centers around erotica — part of my sexual exploration is exploring all the possibilities my mind can create. Part of my writing ends up also being commentary on the female experience. All of my writing includes naughty pictures because I’ve learned that being a Tease is definitely one of my kinks.

You’re only going to get glimpses of my face because I’m rather playful, and I enjoy being a mystery. But also, I have a career. So shhh ?, don’t tell on me.