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Subscription Information

So you’re curious about what I have to offer…. I promise, the best is on the inside. With a subscription to my website you will get:

Full Access to my Writing

Under the “Read” menu, you will find a variety of text focused posts. Some are for subscriber’s only, and all of the unlocked ones have hidden subscriber only content to make for a more complete experience ;). A subscription will get you:

  • Full Text (Don’t miss the best of my creations…)
  • More images (that include full nudity)
  • Audio recordings of each post, read by me.
  • Occasional Videos in posts: I sometimes include videos to accompany particular posts.

Access to Subscriber Only Pages

My website also includes a variety of subscriber only pages. Your subscription will give you access to all of these pages that include:

  • An erotic gallery of additional images: (which include full nudes)
  • A gallery of fun graphic designs I enjoy making.
  • An updates page where I post random shorter thoughts, images, and updates that are a bit more personal. (Think News Feed)
  • Access to a video gallery  (with the occasional sexy or suggestive content that is not porn) 
  • The “Stories from Pineapple Land Page. (an audio monologue type thing with updates of my personal escapades)

Two Important Pieces of Information

  • This is not a porn website. Although images in my subscription plan do include full body nudes, they don’t depict me engaging in sex acts; I let my words do that part for me. If you’re looking to be thoroughly aroused by suggestive and seductive content, please subscribe. If you want something more visually pornographic, you will need to look somewhere else. 
  • A word on Frequency: I add updates to the premium pages throughout the week with a promise of at least 3 times per week, and I aim to post 2 written posts per month (every other weekend). My posts fall into different categories, depending on what the muse of inspiration drops on me, but they mostly all include some erotic element. You can view the changelog for my site to see how often I add different types of content.

Join my realm of Seduction

A note on pricing: I allow you to select the price, depending on how much you want to support this website and my art. The minimum price is $11.99 per month. You can pay more each month should you want to:

  • Help me out with the ridiculously high web fees that I pay.
  • Give me a little something extra to fund my lingerie budget.
  • Make my pussy throbbing wet at your generous support.
  • Become one of my most cherished subscribers.