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Words collect in my mind and demand entrance into the world. These creations take many forms. This page helps you better understand how I categorize my creations. Click the links to explore each category.

Autobiographical Erotica

Items under this category include stories from my own personal life. If you’re curious about me, you might enjoy this category.


Sometimes I feel like standing on a soap box and sharing an opinion, and so I do, but don’t worry. I usually find a way to blend in some erotica to keep it interesting.

Explicit Poetry

I occasionally write poetry with words that some people would prefer to pretend weren’t in the collective consciousness.

Fantasy Erotica

If you haven’t noticed, I enjoy being a bit of a tease. I also enjoy writing fantasies for you that involve me.

Fictional Erotica

As the title implies, sometimes I get in the mood to write a good old fashioned fictional story. However, I can’t promise that there won’t be a few autobiographical tidbits tossed into the mix for fun.

Visual Erotica

Posts under this category lean heavily on visual imagery with only shorter descriptions.