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Fantasy Erotica

As the Timber Wolves Howl

I had a dream about you last night as I slept naked in silky red sheets. We’ve never met, but I knew your face nonetheless, and in the dim surreal land where dreams live, I saw it. As is often the case with dreams, the rules of reality bent and twisted in the strange world of my sleep’s weaving, leaving you the only anchor that tethered me. When I woke, a fine film of sweat covering my body, I felt the heat of desire and a sense of comfort from how near I had come to you. 

Dirty DMs

Then, as my finger massaged inside of you, I’d let myself free to enjoy you. I’d lick you, suck your lips, circle your clit. I’d pay attention to your reactions till I figured out exactly what you liked, and I’d make sure to keep doing that.

Within the Twilight of a Crimson Dream

I came to you in a dream, on the banks of a deep river, that river where my body longs to float naked in swirling currents. I drifted to your consciousness on a wisp of lust, wanting you, knowing that you want me, that wanting me is a sensation that each day buries itself deeper into your thoughts. 

Cock Worship

I’m so fucking horny right now, and all I can think about is your gods dammed perfect fucking cock.