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Within the Twilight of a Crimson Dream

I came to you in a dream, on the banks of a deep river, that river where my body longs to float naked in swirling currents. I drifted to your consciousness on a wisp of lust, wanting you, knowing that you want me, that wanting me is a sensation that each day buries itself deeper into your thoughts. 

You were drifting unaware in sleep, and then you were there with me, bare feet feeling the night cooled sand creep between your toes as you stood under a glowing red moon. You looked at me standing there, back to the wild landscape, a woman clothed in red, face obscured by a hood, a mystery to you even in your dreams. 

And because it was a dream,  there was no need for words. In this dream, you knew exactly what you wanted. A pulsing anticipation flooded through your body as your feet crossed the sand between us.  

You reached me in 4 desirous strides and cupped each of my cheeks strongly in your hands before sliding back my hood to look into my moonlit eyes. Your hands moved slowly down my thick hair as your eyes took in the curves of my high cheek bones, illuminated by the ruby rays drifting down from above.  My deep set eyes, crowned by soft brows, watched you with a submissive, anticipatory sparkle. 

As your hands reached my waist, your fingers locked onto me, pulling me to you, and the feel of my warm body pressing into yours roused the wild within you.  

You slid a hand up to grasp my hair, pulling my head back and exposing the soft, delicate skin of my neck to the dancing moonbeams.  You kissed it, lips moist and warm, releasing from my body the sound of long held desires, a moan of pleasure that echoed into the red dream sky to mingle with the cool breeze that flowed across the undulating surface of the glowing water. It was a moan that had you driving me toward the slight inclined face of a large boulder. Your lips locked onto mine the same moment that my back made contact with the rock. I felt the hardness of the stone to my back and the hardness of you at my front pressing into me, pinning me to where I stood. My arms wrapped around your neck, painted fingernails massaging into your head as we kissed, a deep drink of longing. 

“Fuck, Lila. I want you so fucking bad,”  you said as your lips left mine to suck my earlobe and bite my neck.  

“Me, too” I responded between broken breaths,  the only line of dialogue given to me by this dream, said in the low sultry voice you’ve heard so many times reading my stories to you.  

My hands were now ripping at your clothes,  my body impatient to feel your skin,  to taste it.  Your hands reached down and pulled the billowing layers of lace up until you found the delicate silk of my panties to pull them down, exposing my wetness to the night air of this dream. Then, without shyness or hesitation,  your fingers slid into my pulsing pussy.  The sensations of pleasure at your touch distracted my attempts to unbutton your pants,  an effort that slowed and then stopped altogether as my body arched into the touch. My head tilted back, leaving me to watch the glimmering lights of endless worlds above while my mind focused intently on you, on the perfect way you slid your middle finger from my clit, along the length of my slit to then dip into me to caress my g-spot while your palm pressed weight onto my vulva, over and over again,  each time awakening more nerves,  focusing me more and more on the pleasure building within my body, the building of which had me breathing loudly,  had my sounds echoing up toward those sparkling stars, had my pussy dripping water into your hand, until the inevitable washed in waves through my body. It was a finish that had you ripping off your own pants, finally freeing your patient, beautiful cock who stood dripping with desire to take me.

At that moment, the feral side of you had fully taken control in this dreamland of yours where anything was possible. You brought up your finger drenched in the sweet syrup of my pussy and put it into my mouth, kissing me as you pulled it out. Your hands pushed me toward the sand and then down onto all fours. They then brought the lace of my red dress over my hips, exposing the glisten of the pleasure you had given to me, the wetness of it. Your hands were tight on my hips as you entered me. The squeeze of your fingers into my flesh let me know just how much you wanted me, just how much this moment was seizing you.

My hair hung in a cascade of wild locks toward the sand as I stayed there for you, stayed open and obedient for you. My eyes drifted out across the river in front of me. Images of shadowy lines of rocks, the skeletal outlines of fire burned trees, and the ballet of crimson light on water faded as I closed my eyes to focus on you, to feel your thirst and desire pushing into me, to feel the slight pain of your fingers digging into my hips, and to hear the breaths you let out into this dream. I arched back into those sensations, sensations that had my own sensations building once again, waves of pleasure making my whole body burn for you. You reached your hand around to rub my clit, giving me the touch I needed, a touch that had me coming closer to that edge once again. I could feel as you got closer, as you pushed deeper, faster. I was right there with you.

This time, we greeted the night with a duet, two unrestrained voices echoing the song of lust finally satisfied. Then, there was calm. It was a night filled only by the song of a river, the rapid beating of two hearts, and fast breaths slowing. I sat upright afterwards to feel your body and your warmth against mine. Moving my hair to the side, you kissed the back of my neck as the trickle of your cum sliding down my thighs tickled me.  

We stood up, and as you looked at me, breathy and fully satiated,  I curled my lips into a devilish smile, the smile of a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to take it,  a woman who savors the many powers she holds.  I gave you one last sultry look, walked into the water, and disappeared into its depths. 

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