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Fictional Erotica

Woman with pink lips and long brown hair leaned over.

The Cabana

Near the entrance to the bathrooms, Ashe noticed a tall, muscular security guard standing near an exit, strong arms resting across a jacked chest. She looked him up and down, drinking in every inch of him, feeling her pussy signal to her “Oh yes, he’ll most definitely get the job done and more!” 

Dirty DMs

Then, as my finger massaged inside of you, I’d let myself free to enjoy you. I’d lick you, suck your lips, circle your clit. I’d pay attention to your reactions till I figured out exactly what you liked, and I’d make sure to keep doing that.

A woman in pink strappy lingerie

Her Paramour

“Mitch is having a shitty day working from home, but it turns around real quick when his married and aloof occasional lover seeks him out for pleasure.” ~ This story also includes some sexy pictures intermingled with the text. I hope you enjoy. 😉