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The Cabana

Woman with pink lips and long brown hair leaned over.

As Ashe looked at her freshly shaved pussy in the mirror that morning,  she swore it whispered “go get us some cock today, girl.” And as a tingle of excitement zinged through her body, Ashe smiled to herself, a self-assured, mischievous smile.  

It was Sexy Saturday, as she liked to refer to it, so Ashe took her time in getting ready for the day. She was a top ranking executive at a popular Los Angeles publishing company, a job that she loved but that often consumed her life. The last few weeks had been a grind. They were up against a deadline, and she had been driving everyone, including herself, to the brink, turning her weekends into work marathons that left her little time for fun. But they had finally finished the project, leaving Ashe free to give her body all the sensations that it had been craving day after busy day these last few weeks. 

Soaking in a magnolia scented bubble bath in her penthouse apartment, Ashe teased herself with her fingers, sliding back and forth in and out of her swollen pussy lips. There was no better way to start a sexy Saturday than by a slow and sultry self-pleasure session that peaked in an intense orgasm. The bubbles gently popped around her, tickling her skin as the water encased her in a warm, wet embrace. 

Ashe ran a hand across her breasts, nipples peeking at the touch. She closed her eyes, letting her mind flip through fantasies like she was scrolling on netflix.  Thoughts of meeting a hot, yet sexually unsatisfied married man at the park flashed in her mind, a meeting that ended up in steamy car sex that had him losing all control. Her clit was now fully awake from the touch she continued to give it and at the thoughts gliding through her mind like silk – perhaps an older, sophisticated man who noticed her at a restaurant and took her to his hotel room, a guy from her gym in the steam room who was simply too sexy to not take right then and there, someone she seduced in the club with her eyes… Her mind kept serving up all of the possible encounters, but it was a vivid scenario in which she met her NBA crush, which had her biting her lip and moaning. 

In this fantasy, she was dressed in a sexy, slightly sheer, red club dress and tempting stiletto heels. As she was walking through a crosswalk to get to the club, a car came in fast and barely stopped in time before hitting her. Clearly the ass wasn’t paying attention and had almost run her over. She tossed her hair and threw an angry stare at the car, only to see that inside was that tall, utterly perfect, devourable man, someone she thought she’d never in her life be this close to. He rolled down the window.

“I’m so sorry. Seriously. I almost hit you. I didn’t see the light,” he called out. And because this was a fantasy and it could go in any direction she wanted it to, Ashe walked over to the car window as if she were a god’s damned madam. She leaned over and looked directly into his eyes with a serious come-fuck-me stare.

“I have a mad fucking crush on you, so don’t stress it. You can plow me over any day of the fucking week you want,” she said in her most sultry of voices. The lights turned and a few cars started honking, but they stayed there, eyes locked, evaluating, calculating. 

“Get in,” he commanded in that voice of his, the voice she loved hearing during those post game interviews. As images flashed in her mind of her touching his leg while he drove fast to the nearest hotel, of him shoving her against the elevator wall, and of the wild fucking sex they had in that hotel room, Ashe climaxed deep and hard, moaning and arching her back as she leaned into the sensations of pleasure that were possessing her body. 

There was just something so enticing about being taken by such a hot and powerful man who could literally have his choice of women but found her hot. That right there was irresistible. If her fantasies were TV shows, Ashe thought,  her “suggested for you” category would be full of athletes, basket ball players in particular, fucking her. 

She gave her pussy one last gentle caress before stepping out of the bath.  Her clit was now extra sensitive. It always was right after climaxing. 

And they say women are somehow the less sexual sex,” Ashe mused as she stood naked and glorious in front of the bathroom mirror, pussy engorged from pleasure. She thanked whatever laws of nature ran the universe for her own parents who, despite their many flaws, had always been sex positive and allowed without shame or guilt the enjoyment of her own body, a luxury not always given to women in this world. 

Ashe brushed her thick long hair and styled it into a messy,  beachy kind of look. She finished her makeup off with fuschia lipstick. She then looked through her closet, searching for just the right outfit to feel sexy and powerful, a tiger on the hunt. The most important choice was what she put on under her clothes. The right lingerie made her feel sexy and confident, and it also made for more fun taking her clothes off later.  

She decided on a sheer matching bralette and panties with orange and white zebra stripes to wear under a short white sundress. The zebra stripes felt wild and fierce while the dress was more flirty and coy, the perfect combination. She would be a docile looking doe who turned into a succubus in the bedroom, or whatever location she decided to get freaky in. Ashe put on the zebra set and stood in front of the mirror to admire her body. She looked hot. The lingerie fit her perfectly and her favorite ring caught the morning sun just right, illuminating the blood red garnet in the center. She enjoyed looking at herself in the mirror. It turned her on. Her hair hung in a thick mass down to her low back. She didn’t have a six pack, but her abs were defined. Her legs were long, and her ass looked great in the zebra thong. 

One Sexy Saturday tradition that Ashe loved was taking naughty pictures of herself. It was fun and made her feel even sexier and more powerful. The pictures also came in handy when she felt like driving someone into a thirsty daze. Ashe sat on her bed and took some pictures of her zebra stripe top with some of her hair flowing over her shoulders. The morning light seeped in softly through her linen curtains just right. She took one of her hands up and pulled down the straps of her top, letting her breasts free. She pursed her bright painted lips and snapped a few pictures. She admired how sexy her breasts looked draped in her lush hair. Next, she lay down on her soft sheepskin rug and took a few more pictures that included more of her body, even a few where she slid her panties to the side to let her beautiful pussy lips peek out. Now, she felt ready to go out into the world. 

The almost sheer sundress swayed on her hips as she went down the stairs in her building. She liked taking the stairs because it helped to keep her ass in perfect doggy style form. And today in particular, she figured the exertion would put some color on her cheeks and get her blood flowing in all the right areas. On the 3rd floor, her phone buzzed. Her friend Brie had texted her about a rooftop day club where she wanted them to “get our sexy on” as Brie had put it. Ashe texted back with a fire emoji and  “brunch before?”

Brie was waiting in front of Snooze AM in a short white bodycon dress that hugged her curvy hips. The top plunged low,  revealing plenty of her ample breasts. Her thick curly hair was pulled up into a beautiful puff on the top of her head. 

Ashe got out of her Lyft and as she approached, Brie turned red lips laced with an irresistible smile to her.  

“Good idea,” Brie said.  “I have our names on the list.  We should have a table in about 10.”

“Omg, we’re twins,” Ashe said as she closed the distance and the women hugged.

Ashe stepped back to look at Brie. “I’d take you right here if I weren’t so hungry. You look amazing.” Brie just smiled wider and smacked Ashe on the ass. 

Although they’d never explored each other sexually, their friendship had a layer of teasing and innuendos that they enjoyed. But as both women loved cock so much, they usually ended up in separate beds on the nights they went out. 

“This club is going to be lit!” Brie said as the two sat down at their table. 

“Good, cause I need to get fucked!” Ashe said.

“You work too hard, Ashe. Seriously, you need to make time every day to get fucked.” Brie teased. 

“I can fuck myself every day, but I don’t have patience to deal with a man every day of the week,” Ash tossed back and both the girls laughed. 

“So true,” Brie said. “You should have Sundays off.” Ashe smiled at the beautiful woman who sat across from her. It had been a while since Ashe had played with a girl, and she wondered to herself why she and Brie had never hooked up, given how much both of them enjoyed sex. Ashe sat there for a second admiring the ruby tint of her lips and the way the light danced off the definition of her collar bones and her beautiful East African skin. An idea, a fantasy actually, formed in Ashe’s head. 

“Have you ever done a 4-some?” she asked Brie. 

“Not yet. I’ve had a 3-some once but not 4. Have you had one?” At the question, Ashe noticed a disapproving stare from a woman sitting at the next table. Why was it always the women who most tried to censure her expressive sexuality? Ashe thought to herself before she licked her lips and tossed the woman a friendly smile. 

“I haven’t, but I want to,” Ashe admitted. 

“Oh, do tell.” Brie said with sparkling eyes as she leaned forward on her elbows, giving Ashe some exaggerated attention. 

“What if,” Ashe replied, loud enough for the woman at the other table to hear. “We found two hot guys and then hand them fucking us doggie while you and I made out?” At that, Ashe heard a snort from the other table, but she didn’t pay much attention. She was carefully watching Brie’s face to try and read her reaction to this admission. Brie’s lips slowly curved into the sly smile of an accomplice. 

“I think,” she said. “That would be very fucking hot.” 

“This is a public restaurant,” Sneered the lady, breaking the trance of their moment. “Have some respect for yourselves!” 

“Oh, get laid already” Ashe quipped back without taking her eyes off Brie’s beautiful mouth, feeling as her pussy pulsated at the thought of getting to taste those lips. 

“Well, that fantasy isn’t going to just happen if we don’t eat and get to that damn club already” Brie said, reaching her hand down to caress Ash’s forearm. And this was exactly why Ashe loved spending time with her friend. She was task-oriented like her, and she made the perfect partner in crime. The girls turned their focus to the menus in front of them. 


As they rode the elevator up to the rooftop day club, Ashe could feel that sweet sensation of arousal caressing the walls of her pussy. This day was definitely much needed after the stressful weeks at work. 

They walked through the intricately designed entry, and Ashe took the place in. It was posh and had “wild party” written all over every detail. There was a large wading pool and a spacious dance floor in front of the DJ booth. Several stylish canopies provided shade for the dance floor and parts of the pool. Along the edge were VIP cabanas that had soft gauzy white linen walls that could be pulled closed for a tentative sort of transparent privacy. 

There was one cabana, facing the dance floor, that was larger and set higher than the others. Its delicate curtains were playing sensually with the afternoon breeze. 

Inside,  the cabana was lined with plush red outdoor couches, an ornate drink table and its own bar.  There was a thick shaggy rug on the floor; “perfect for knees to be pressed into,” Ashe thought.  

Grabbing Brie’s arm, Ashe pointed toward the spot. 

“There!” she whispered. “Right there. We’re getting that, and we’re going to pick who we want and take them on that soft rug.” 

“I’m open to that” Brie said with a wink, and at that, Ashe put her arm around her friend and smiled. 

“You, Brie, are a very good friend but a very bad girl!” Ashe said with a smile.   


“We want that cabana” Brie, sky blue fingernails pointing, told the person in charge of VIP who they had finally hunted down. The weaselly-looking man let his eyes go from their perky breasts to the cabana.

“That’s VIP. You have to rent it,” he said focusing his eyes back on them.

“Obviously, so rent it to us.” This time Ashe responded. 

“Just the two of you?” the man asked. 

“Yes, just the two of us,” Brie said simply.  

“It’s a $3,500 minimum spend” the man said with a sort of dismissive annoyance. “That’s our premium cabana that fits groups of 10 or more. A daybed would make the most sense for you two sexy ladies.” 

“I’ll decide if I want to be sensible or not,” Brie said cooly in her collected and precise lawyer’s voice, a voice that implied I dare you to fuck with me. “Are you going to swipe our cards or call your manager?” she asked. 

The man motioned them to follow him toward an area with a cash register, and as he took their cards, he nonchalantly commented, “You know,  if you just wait a couple hours,  two hotties like you can get into that cabana for free. Sure you don’t just want to wait?” 

Neither of the girls answered. They just waited with dark eyes staring while he finished putting their cards on file, and then they followed the hostess to their space without another word in his direction. Tonight, they weren’t going to be the damned prey. They were the fucking apex predators. 

“What the fuck was that?”  Brie said as she sank into one of the red cushions. 

“Seems to me like he doesn’t like making money,” Ashe responded. 

“Right,” Brie said. “I already have a financial planner; I don’t need one who wants to mansplain shit to me. I know how much frivolous spending I can afford.” 

“I wouldn’t call what we’re going to do frivolous,” Ashe said.

“Oh yeah, what would you call it?” 

“I’d call it therapy,” Ashe responded with a mischievous smile. “And honestly,  it’s probably way cheaper and less time consuming than weekly sessions with some of these high-end LA therapist guru whatevers.” 

“Therapy with a happy ending,” Brie joked, and the two girls laughed as they sipped on their gin and looked over the snack menu. 

Music played as the warm Southern California ocean breeze tousled Ashe’s hair. The sounds of splashing and all around revelry were starting to pick up.

“Let’s go to the bathroom and see what kind of meat is out there,” Brie suggested, and so the two women stepped down and sauntered across the dance floor like felines sulking across the savanna – slow and intentional. 

Near the entrance to the bathrooms, Ashe noticed a tall, muscular security guard standing near an exit, strong arms resting across a jacked chest. She looked him up and down, drinking in every inch of him, feeling her pussy signal to her “Oh yes, he’ll most definitely get the job done and more!” 

“What a bummer they have you stuck on door duty,” Ashe said to him as she walked by, making sure he saw as she clearly caressed his body with her eyes. She twisted her lips into a naughty smile. 

“I’m Ashe, and you must be daddy,” she teased, pausing her movement. She watched with satisfaction as his lips curled into a smile and a bulge grew in his pants.

“For you baby girl, I could be anything you want.” 

Ashe winked and walked past him, sliding two fingers sensually across his tattooed forearm as she moved by. 

“He was delicious,” Brie said across the stall in the bathroom while the girls peed. 

“Yes, he was. He has to be at least 6’4,.” Ashe responded. She rather enjoyed tall muscular men because she loved feeling dominated and taken during sex, and having 200+ pounds of man above you was a great way to get that job done. 

Of course,  she didn’t limit herself to big tall men. She’d had plenty of amazing experiences with men of all shapes and sizes,  but a Goliath of a man like the bouncer was a treat she definitely didn’t mind snacking on occasionally.  

“I was distracted watching you flirt,” Brie said. “I didn’t really look around, but it doesn’t seem very busy yet. 

“It’s still early. Let’s look around and then chill for a beat. More people will come,” Ashe said as she stood in front of the mirror. 

As she was washing her hands, Brie came up behind her and lifted the back of her dress over her ass to expose her zebra-print thong. She ran a hand up from the inside of her thighs, grazing her sweet spot and then up to squeeze her right cheek. 

“Somebody out there is going to love this view tonight,” Brie whispered into Ashe’s ear as she snapped the strap of her thong and then released her, leaving Ashe arched, head tilted back, mouth slightly open in anticipation and delight. Ashe turned around cat-like and stared Brie in the eyes. 

“You tease,” Ashe tossed.  

“I know you, Ashe, you’re a worse tease than I am,” Brie challenged. 

“You might just be right about that,” Ashe responded as she brushed a hand across Brie’s breasts while she walked by. 


After sauntering around the pool and the dance area to get a feel for their options, the women returned to their cabana. They watched the mayhem of the club starting to unfold below like goddesses on their mother fucking thrones, eyeing down which sheep would be sacrificed at their feet. 

“You know what I think,” Brie said to Ashe as they reclined on the couch in their space while they caught and tossed back looks from the smorgasbord of thirsty boys who were eyeing them. 

“What?” Ashe asked, turning brown eyes toward Brie’s beautiful face. 

“Why don’t we warm ourselves up while we wait for the mature men to arrive? These boys aren’t doing anything for me.” 

Before Ashe could vocalize the “me neither” forming in her throat, Brie’s lips locked the words within her mouth as she reached, at the same moment, one hand up to tug a strand of Ashe’s hair. 

The soft, voluptuous feel of Brie’s lips on hers melted any complaint Ashe was about to make. The kiss was strong and deep. One hand found Brie’s waist while the other reached to explore her breasts. 

And so they spent some time kissing, touching,  laughing.  Ashe had long before discovered that she was an exhibitionist, and so her attention bounced between Brie’s beautiful form and the club,  where horny stares satiated the succubus deep within her.  

After the girls pulled themselves apart, not satisfied, but thoroughly aroused, they sat chatting and holding hands. 

“Did you ever think you’d be doing this?” Ashe teased lightly as she looked around. Brie just laughed.  

“Come on Ashe, you’ve met my family. There is no way young me could possibly have imagined a time in my life when I would feel so free to be myself.” 

Ashe turned her focus fully on her friend, watching as the words formed first in her eyes and then left her mouth. 

“You have no idea how many times I was told that ‘good girls don’t have sex’ and that ‘good girls don’t touch themselves,’” Brie said. 

“I can’t imagine what that must have been like. It must have been a mind fuck,” Ashe said to Brie, still holding her hand.  

“Oh, it was. I didn’t ever have an orgasm until I was almost 30.” Brie admitted. “I mean, honestly, I don’t think I even knew that women could cum until it happened.” 

Ashe laughed out loud. 

“You know, I have this memory of being young and thinking that it was the male ejaculation that somehow gave pleasure to the girl.” 

“What the fuck!” Brie said. “Why is there so much focus on male pleasure when it’s us bitches who can cum as many times as we fucking want to?” 

“Right?” Ashe agreed. 

“So tell me, what’s your most awkward sex story?” Brie asked. 

“Oh my god!” Ashe responded almost immediately. “I don’t even have to think about it. There was this guy who I went on a few dates with. He was attractive and seemed nice. We went back to his place one night and I was thinking everything was a go. We made out a bit and things were getting going, but then he reached over and turned out the light. Like literally his place was pitch black. It was creepy. I asked him to turn the lights back on cause I love seeing what’s going on, but he just said he always fucks with the lights out.” 

“That’s fucking strange,” Brie agreed. 

“Right, that’s what I thought. I tried kissing him a bit longer, but all I could think about was like what was he hiding or if he was going to pull out a knife and stab me in the dark.” 

“What did you do?”  

“There!” Ashe said, pausing their conversation without even answering Brie’s question. She pointed across the dance floor to where several men stood sipping their drinks and chatting with a group of girls. Brie looked to where Ashe was pointing. 

“The two on the left, right?” Brie stated more than asked. 

“Oh, how our tastes do align perfectly,” Ashe said as she caressed her friend’s knee.  

“Let’s observe and plan our attack,” Brie purred as she watched the men with a predatory stare. They sat there quietly, holding hands and watching while the men, clueless, chatted and flirted with two blonds. 

They were strong-looking and tall, not tall like the bouncer,  but tall nonetheless. Their style was classy sexy with a hint of bad boy. They clearly hit the gym regularly and had a touch of Eastern European features. 

“They’ve got game,” Brie said. “Look at how he’s flirting and getting her to smile. He’s got her swooning.” 

“What girl wouldn’t melt in front of those good looks and bodies?” Ashe responded, eyes staying locked on the scene unfolding in front of them. The one with longer hair had pulled one of the girls toward him, and they had started dancing. The girl, a bit intoxicated, was arching into him and wiggling her ass. His hands were on her hips, grinding.

His friend hadn’t wasted any time either and had a hand on the other girl’s hip. He reached another hand down toward her thigh to caress his fingers toward the soft delicate skin of her inner thighs. Both Ashe and Brie watched with disapproval as the girl moved his hand back to the outside of her leg.

“Girl! What are you doing?” Brie said from her seat.

“Oh, he clearly wants to get naughty in public tonight!” Ashe said, leaning forward with focus, taking in the way he was skillfully grinding his hips around rhythmically to the beat. She licked her lips. “Oh he can pull this long hair of mine tonight,” she added to her string of musings. Both girls watched for a few more moments, desire building in their eyes. 

“So, do we go and take them, or do we bring them all back here and see if the girls want to play, too?” Ashe asked, dropping her cat-like focus to look at Brie. 

“The Huntress takes what she wants, and she doesn’t apologize about it,” Brie said, referring to an inside joke between the girls. She narrowed her focus back to the four bodies across the dance floor. 

“No, she doesn’t. She most certainly doesn’t,” Ashe said as she stood up from the lounge. Pulling her white dress over her head, Ashe let the delicate fabric drop to the floor. She then removed her top, leaving only her thong, and her long thick hair, some of which was lightly covering her perky nipples. 

Brie grabbed her hand and the two women walked across the dance floor, eyes never leaving their targets. 

“Kiss the girl” Brie whispered into Ashe’s ear, and Ashe, knowing her friend so well, didn’t need any further instructions. When they reached the four, Ashe walked straight up and kissed the girl dancing with her target deeply and passionately. The girl was shocked and took a step to the side, leaving an opening for Ashe to step around her and place a hand on the man’s chest, while her eyes stared intently at him. She didn’t have to look to know that Brie was doing something similar.   

The man put his hands on her hips, and then reached one up the side of her torso. Ashe detected a slight pause as his hand slid under her hair, discovering nothing but skin. Their eyes locked, and Ashe gave him the “Come fuck me” eyes she had long since perfected. She slid her hand up his shoulder, and then dragged her nails down his arm to his hand stopping only when their pinkies  were connected. 

Ashe twisted her body and walked, not asking, or pausing to wonder if he’d follow or pull free. She already knew the answer. He followed, trancelike past the other girl who stood glaring at them.

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