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Fuck, Baby!

Hey Baby, 

Do you like the way these devil red heels make these long slender legs look? I bet you’re just sitting over there waiting for me to lean over,  so you can see how they shape my ass. 

To be honest, I don’t want to play pool right now.  The only balls I want to play with are yours.  

Oh, I see that I got your attention,  lover. What should I do with it? 

Maybe I’ll walk over here and strike a pose for you.  How’s this? Does this make you want to snap these little black straps, sending some sharp tingles across my skin? 

What if I pull these panties to the side, just the tiniest bit… does that send some tingles your way?

Oh, I can see that these naughty taunts are sending more than tingles your way. That outline of your oh-so-tasty cock is making me want to climb up here onto this table and bend it over for you.  

Oh, what’s that? I should do it or you’ll punish me?? Then, yes baby. I’ll do what you say. I’m a very good girl.

How’s this, lover? I can see you like it. I can see you’re about to climb up here and pin me to this table. Don’t wait; I fucking need it already.

Oh, Fuck Baby! Yes, just like that!

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