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naked woman next to pole

“Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed, which is idolatry.”

Colossians 3:5

“But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God’s holy people.”

Ephesians 5:3 

Oh, this ubiquitous notion that sex is inherently dirty, shameful, and corrupting. Where could it have possibly come from?

Well, let me tell you, dear reader, God, if he existed, would have a sadistic punishment planned for me because on Friday night, I was a naughty, sexually deviant woman. Allow me to paint a few key moments from my night for your mind to drool over.


Swinger Sex Club 12AM ish 

The dance floor is starting to fill up. The red lights are dim, bathing the room in a sensual hue. Colorful lasers bounce around, pulsating to the music. We’re there on the dance floor, Luke and I,  with a couple we’ve been chatting with. My body rolls to the music, moving to the rhythm. 

I move to Luke and put my arms around his strong neck and whisper into his ear, “you should take my dress off here in a bit.” Of course, he does so, pulling my tight silver mini dress up over my head and tucking it in his back pocket like a sweat rag, leaving my pink strappy lingerie ready to party. 

I can see the surprise in the man’s face when he turns and realize that I’ve gone from clothed to full on lingerie.

“She’s hot,” Luke says to the man. “Dance with her.”  The guy does, exploring my breasts and my body with his hands while Luke grinds on his girl.

Later, we’re in the play space. Our towel is spread out, claiming a piece of real estate between two other mixed race couples, black and Latina to the left, white and Asian to the right. 

The Asian lady is getting fucked hard by her man, and she just keeps cumming.

“Oh baby,” you’re already getting our towel soaked.” Her man says.

“Can she touch you?” He asks us, and we consent. She writhes her body closer. We touch her as he fucks her, and she caresses me. He watches me and reaches a hand over. I touch his chest, and we lock eyes. His wife cums hard while he fucks her. 

“Is it okay if you put J’s face over here?” The Latina on our left asks us. She’s bent over getting it doggie style, and I’m on my back getting taken by Luke in missionary.  She wants to kiss me.  Luke helps me scoot my body over to give her access. Soft delicate lips descend onto mine. Her kiss is smooth and sensual, her lips perfect. The rhythmic pulsation of music vibrates through our bodies as her lips and a hand explore me. I look up into the eyes of her man who is leaned forward fucking her. He looks down and returns a smile to me in exchange for the naughty eyes I send his way, eyes that say “Look at me here on my back getting fucked while your wife kisses me; I know you like it.” 

Luke and I move into doggy as well, and as he fucks me, he leans over to kiss the woman who had just kissed me, tasting my saliva on her tongue. I look, admiring the site of their mouths caressing and joining. Her man reached to touch me, pinching my exposed nipple as we lean toward each other to kiss, a double doggy, kissing kind of arrangement. 

“Do you guys swap?” I ask. They say they do, and as our men put condoms on, the girl and I switch sides of our little area. As his cock slides into me from behind, the first new one I’ve taken in years, the woman and I kiss, a kiss made difficult by the thrusts both of our bodies are absorbing from behind, Luke, hands on her hips going at it, and he behind me, two ebony men, a Latina, and Lila. 

And I think to myself as I perch on all fours kissing her, “Oh my god, this is the exact positioning I wrote into the story I’m finishing for next week.” And it’s true, just wait to read it. Life is rather ironic and unexpected at times. 

Her man turns me over and comes on top, fucking me deep and hard. It feels good; it makes me moan. I can watch Luke, cock deep in this man’s wife from behind, and I can look up at this stranger’s face over me. The views in this place are lovely. 

We take a breather, Luke and I, and make our way out to the mingle space to chill for a bit. We grab snacks and go back to the empty dance area. Luke, muscular body on display, sits on the red leather couch, but I stay standing because I’m mostly naked with the exception of a choker and garters on my thighs, and my pussy is dripping and juicy still. 

On Fridays, single men are allowed to join the party, and there are a number of them here, horny and hopeful. They’re like moths, fluttering around trying to find the flame, circling any woman or couple who happen to look their way, hoping to be the chosen one.

The music is a vibe and the lights, dim and sensual, bounce perfectly off of my skin. The exhibitionist in me wants to dance and flaunt and tease, so I do, taking advantage of the pole to glide around and stabilize me for body rolls and the variety of other sensual moves I bring into the room. Luke leans back on the couch like a King, arms spread out on each side, eyes watching. He’s the man getting to fuck this taunting sexy body that all these single men are thirsting for right now. 

One Latino with a particularly large cock sits on a couch next to Luke, trying to make small talk, telling him how incredibly sexy I am, not really asking, but yet asking indirectly at the same time. The man who had been with his Asian wife on our right comes in and sits down on the same couch as Luke. I like them, this couple. They’re polite and fun in the play area, and I like the way the desire for me is apparent on his face. He watches, too, and I dance for both Luke and him, sinking down with the pole to my back, knees wide, spreading the view open for them to enjoy. 

Some might think that being single is where all the fun and wild nights of sex are to be found, but tonight, the husbands are definitely winning. His wife comes in and joins me on the pole, dancing around, grinding, touching. I pull the straps of her white lacy bra down, exposing her large breast, and I lean down to suck her nipples. We kiss as the men, all of them, watch. 

Then, she makes her way to her husband and starts sucking his cock. My own mouth waters for Luke and the taunts doing such an action here in this space will do to these thirsty single dudes who have stepped into a live porn film, so I wind my body slowly over to Luke where I squat down before him and pull his cock out from his briefs, tasting him, touching him, sliding up to kiss his lips, body bent over, ass out, before going back down to please him with oral.

The heat between us is a flame, a flame that attracts moths, bringing them over to encircle us. I look up. Four single men are standing around 3ish feet away, cocks in their hands, watching, lusting, hoping. They’re hoping that the desire for a 3-some will overtake us and we’ll pick one of them. The couple to the right who are now fucking on the couch have taken on a single man. The three of them are moaning and playing together. I could pick one of them, anyone one I wanted, and let him fuck me here on this couch. Luke wouldn’t mind, but I’ve already been fucked by a stranger tonight, and I’m feeling content with the familiarity of Luke, and the temptress in me likes the longing in their eyes. I know many women would not like this strange scenario I find myself in, but I rather do.

He leans down, this man of mine, and starts fingering me while I squat before this couch. I tilt my chin up; we kiss, and they watch. I shift my body sideways to Luke to give him better access for the attention he’s giving my pussy. And because I’m me, and sometimes I just can’t help myself, I take my left leg and put it up on one of the small coffee tables in front of the couch, opening my legs fully, giving a view that has these men sucking in their breath and wishing to the gods that tonight they were husbands , too. The moths float as close as they can without being burned. I pull my eyes from our kiss for a moment to take in the 4 cocks on display in front of us, hard, being held. 

“Do you think we need to tell them not to cum on us?” I ask Luke laughing, but also slightly serious. This looks like a big bukkake waiting to happen. 

“Don’t cum on us” I tell them. 

“Oh, of course not,” one of them says. My mouth returns to Luke to drink him a little more before we return to the designated play area again. 

In the play area, we chill for a bit and chat with the couple to our left who we swapped with before. The woman who danced with me on the pole and her husband come back to their spot to our right. The moths gravitate back to the line that designates the couple’s only area from the mostly empty other play space. I want to come, so I lean over and let Luke glide into me from behind.

Not to sound haughty or anything, but we’re fucking hot. You’ve seen me, and I’m sure you can imagine (have imagined even) the way I’d look bent over on all fours, eyes lined perfectly in black, hair wavy and wild flowing everywhere. Luke is tall and fit. He likes to play soccer. His thighs are strong. His abs are a washboard, and his skin is smooth radiant perfection, and boy can he fuck!

Our sensual energy lights fires for the couples to each side of us. I pull out a vibe and lean down on my elbows, focusing on all the sensations that are bringing me toward climax. The man to our right loves watching us. He also likes reaching his hand over and touching me too. I like it. It pushes me closer.

As my breathing builds and Luke rides me and the line of men watch, a brave moth flies. Unafraid of getting burned, he comes over into the forbidden zone to stand in front of me, hoping that somehow I’ll take his cock into my mouth and call it an MFM, but alas, he’s SOL. I just lean my head down and trace a finger up the leg of the husband to my right while Luke sends the month flying. Then I let it out, loud and deep and long, the beautiful symphony of the sensation filled female orgasm.

The couple to our right have granted a single man his entry ticket. He comes over and fucks the wife fast and hard, leaving his comrades behind on the line. I’ve been taunting this one all night with my eyes.  I know he’d fuck me in an instant, and I think he’s cute, too. I reach my hand over, as Luke fucks me, and trail nails across his skin. I catch his eyes in the mirror and give him a naughty look, a Lila look. I enjoy the fight I see him put toward control. I enjoy the way my beauty and taunts make him want to cum. The husband of the lady this guy is fucking wants me. He wants me bad. He rubs me and touches me, pinching my nipples and hoping for some play. I lie on my back looking for another climax, and while Luke pounds me strong and deep, this man comes by my face, asking if I want to taste him, which I do, taking him into my mouth and staring up at the way he’s looking down watching. Husbands for the win, again. 


It’s late, or it’s early, depending on how you look at it. We’re in the car driving home, and I decide to go again. I play with myself with a toy while Luke drives, touching my leg and getting hard again while he listens to my sounds. I cum, deep and loud. Luke finds an exit and pulls the car over on a dark road by an orchard. We get out and l lean my elbows on the seat while he fucks me hard from behind, grabbing my hips and riding the erotic wave from the party. The trees behind us take silent witness of this last round of the night. As Luke pulls out of me, cum drips down my leg to the ground. He reaches an arm around and kisses my neck. And then we get back in our car and go home. 

The stars above twinkle, Godless, and completely unconcerned over our acts of pleasure this night.

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