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Dirty DMs

Delighting in dirty DMs on IG has been a fun, sexy pastime I hadn’t known that I was missing. It has brought a variety of people (and potentially bots and hackers) to my fingertips. Regardless, it’s been a playground for my writer’s mind, a chance to play with words and the sexual tension they can create. It’s been humorous, sometimes odd, and on a few rare occasions a way to make some great friendships with interesting people who stick longer than others (you know who you are.)

And since a good exchange of words can indeed be sexy and erotic, I think this is the perfect place to craft one. Below is a fictional conversation created from the inspiration of all these naughty conversations I’ve been having. I hope you enjoy, and perhaps if you choose your words skillfully and carefully, I may just respond to you one day in the wild west that is my DMs.

Hey, Lila, I just came across your account. God! You’re so fucking hot. Your content is fire.

Hey, thanks!  I always love hearing how people enjoy my content. And yes, I do rather enjoy being hot and provocative. I think cultivating lust is one of my kinks 😉 

Well, you’re doing a damn good job at it. Seriously, this picture is driving me mad. Every time I just think about it, I get hard. You’re an arson!  

Oh yeah? An arson, hu? I like that title. And I agree, that picture is hot, but honestly, I think you being so thirsty over it is even hotter. Are the pictures on your profile really you? 

Yep, it’s all me. I’m not a bot. Here, I just took this one for you.

Mmm, you’re a very attractive man. I like that outfit. You’ve got some style. And thanks for not just going straight to a dick pic. Where are you from?

Oh thanks. I’m glad you think so. And yea, I’ve also got some class, too. I don’t usually send those kinds of pics. I’m from the UK. You?

Yeah, I don’t send those kind of pics on here either. I save those for other places . And the UK! Seriously, you guys must have something going on over there. I’ve been meeting a ton of people from the UK on here. Kind of makes me want to take a trip that way.

I’m from the US.

Oh you should definitely take a trip here. I’d be happy to be your escort (and you can interpret that in whatever way you want. I’m okay with it) Where in the US?

Oh, I’ll take the kind of escort that would have you taking your shirt off for me.

And the US is as close as you’re gonna get to know. I like being a mystery.

Oh, I’d happily take my shirt off for you, and whatever else you want me to take off. Seriously, if you come here, you can have whatever you want.

And, come on, the US is huge. That’s too much of a mystery. Is that also why you don’t show your face?

Oh, you better be serious about that offer. I’m a rather playful person… my marriage is opening up, and I find myself ready to play. Could you handle it. lol.

And the face things is because, believe it or not, I have a rather professional career that would not be too happy about this naughty little side hustle. That’s why no face or specific details.

Oh, I can handle it. Trust me, Lila. I’ll be here just daydreaming about you showing up asking for my escort services.

And I believe it. I read some of your writing. It really had me going. You’re quite talented. I didn’t know I’d find erotica so stimulating.

And I suppose you won’t tell me what your career is, will you?

I’ll keep that in mind. And which story had you going? I always love to hear people’s favorites.

And I’m glad I got to be the one to turn you on to erotica (pun most definitely intended)

And of course I’m not going to tell you, but you already knew the answer to that, didn’t you? I’ll give you this much, I have a Master’s degree.

So professional, educated, sexy, seductive… Fuck, you have me hooked. And I liked them all, but the “Cock Worship” one definitely had me drooling…among other things.

Oh, I rather like that sensation that having you hooked gives me, but honestly, I’ve only just begun to seduce you.

That one was fun to write. If I ever make it to the UK, I’d quite enjoy reenacting that one with you.

Oh, Lila, you can seduce me all you want. I will never complain about that. But OMG, don’t make promises like that if you’re not going to complete them… that would be so fucking amazing.

But honestly, if I had you here in front of me, I’d make sure to give you plenty of worship, too.

What are you doing right now?

Oh, I would love to be worshipped, too. Please, do tell. How exactly would you do that?

Right now, I’m all alone in a hotel room… and I’m so lonely… among other things.

Oh, look at you. So fucking hot. Those hips… My hands are craving to touch that soft skin of yours…

Given how much my body would love to be touched at this exact moment, I would like to think that perhaps the multiverse does really exist and there is one somewhere where your hands are currently all over me….

Mmm, if I were there with you, I’d rub my hands across every curve. I’d slide my hands slowly up your beautiful legs. I’d caress your inner thighs and lean down to plant a few kisses on them. I wouldn’t touch your pussy yet. I’d let you simmer in anticipation. I’d move up and kiss your stomach.

Oh, I love being touched. It’s definitely one of my love languages. You’d have me purring with all that, and you definitely have my attention right now.

I’d also want to tease you. I’d push you back and nip my way down your chest, kissing your hard cock only briefly before teasing your thighs with my mouth. I’d run my hands down your chest, until finally my mouth found its way back to your center where I’d make sure to make you moan.

I like the idea of making you purr…and fuck, I also love the idea of your beautiful mouth around my cock. I’d lay there and enjoy that sensation, but only for a bit. I still have yet to worship that juicy pussy of yours. I’d push you back onto your back, so I could take time with that beauty between your legs.

This beauty?

Do tell, what would you do to her?

Oh my god! That heart is killing me. You’re such a tease!

But hey, two can play that game.

Oh, I do enjoy the slow build of suggestive provocations… That’s a great picture…

I’m still waiting to hear how you’d worship my juicy pussy. She’s most definitely very juicy at this current moment in time. You have me so wet right now.

Lila, I’d use my strong hands to open those perfect legs, giving me a full view of you.

Then, I’d go down to your ankles. I’d bite one just slightly before I kissed my way up your calf, scraping my fingers along your skin as I went up. I’d nip your inner thighs and then lick up the length of them…

How am I doing?

Oh, you’re doing a very good job. You have me settling into these silky hotel sheets. Please, do keep going.

Once I reached that sweet spot, I wouldn’t go straight for her. I’d tease you a bit (payback 😉 I’d breath on you and lick around the edges of your pussy. Close to her, but not too close.


Thinking about getting to taste you has me all excited.

Haha you classy tease. I like those briefs. They’re sexy and just sheer enough to give me a hint.

You have me doing this righto now. Don’t stop your description now. You were just getting going.

Oh, I’ve barely started with you, Lila. Now who is seducing who? lol

After I made you squirm and arch to try and get me where you wanted me, I’d finally start by kissing your clit, and lapping up one delicious taste of your juices. Then, I’d take my finger and part your beautiful lips and slide it into you, slowly.

Mmm yes, please.

Then, as my finger massaged inside of you, I’d let myself free to enjoy you. I’d lick you, suck your lips, circle your clit. I’d pay attention to your reactions till I figured out exactly what you liked, and I’d make sure to keep doing that.

Are you still there?

I’m having a hard time typing a response, given that my hands want to be in another place….

Now that, Lila, is a video you should put on your website!

Ha! WordPress would delete me for it. You’ll have to watch it within the confines of your imagination.

Oh, trust me. I’m watching it right now, and it’s so fucking hot.

Does your version include the way I’m moaning and arching my back? I like making sounds.

It does now. Fuck, thinking about you there touching yourself all alone in that hotel has me so fucking hard. 

As it should. I’d want nothing less from you. I’m gonna put my phone down and focus…

But before I go, here are a few pictures I took earlier today. I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for all your delicious words. I am really enjoying their effect.

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Fuck, I want to be in that hotel room with you.

Maybe someday when I come to the UK, you’ll get your chance. lol. But I really have to go. Thanks for the fun convo.

Thank you, Lila. I hope we do it again sometime.

Me too. You’re good with your words. You know I like that. Good night.

Ha, like either of us are actually going to sleep right now.

I think you know exactly what I’m going to do right now.

And I think you know what knowing that is doing to me right now.

I do… it’s definitely helping me with my task.

Now seriously, I’m putting my phone down now.

Bye for now.

Bye sexy lady.

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