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Double Trouble

“Oh fuck yes. Oh my God!” The woman on the bed screams out as I stand in the doorway watching as she fucks a man reverse cowgirl while a woman licks between her spread legs. Two other people are sitting on the bed, watching and occasionally rubbing the two women. My voyeurism bothers none of these people. They’re entirely focused on the erotic experience they’re creating. In another room, someone moans loudly. I venture there to find a sexual chain of people spread across the bed. On the right, a man fucks a woman in doggy while her mouth eats out another woman who is lying on her back. The second woman’s head is slightly tipped off the edge of the bed, where she’s giving oral to a man standing in front of her. From his moans, it’s clear she’s doing a damned good job. Their bodies are a moving piece of art.  It’s around midnight, and I’m not at some seedy sex club; I’m at a birthday party. 

This year, Luke and I have become swingers, but don’t tell anyone; it’s a well kept secret in our daily life ?. We laugh out loud when we joke to ourselves about the looks of shock our friends would have on their faces if they knew the half of it. Nobody knows about Lila; she’s on serious lockdown in our real lives, and none of them could possibly imagine that either of us would be willing to let someone else touch the other. I mean, how could one possibly let someone else defile your person?

But when you stop thinking of your partner as something you possess but rather as a partner in crime… a world of beautiful opportunities opens up.  (And on a quick side note: if you reading this happen to be one of our beautiful, clueless “vanella” friends… surprise!!! By any chance…do you want to fuck? ?? JK…maybe) 

Luke and I didn’t really dip our toes into this lifestyle; we dove in headfirst, and we haven’t yet looked back. Each new adventure teaches us something new and brings with it a wealth of experience and good friends. It hasn’t been all sunshine and squirting flowers though. Of course we’ve had to work through various new dynamics and the insecurities and feelings that come with them, especially because from the beginning, we’ve made space for the other to have the freedom of playing solo. However, even those bumps in the road have been great learning experiences for us individually and as a couple. 


A month or so ago, a couple named Brie and Malcom reached out to us on a lifestyle website where we have a profile and invited us to a weekend birthday celebration they were throwing. I was skeptical, unsure if it was legit.

“So, we’re going to pay strangers money, and if they don’t vanish into thin air and are indeed putting on a party, we’re going to spend the weekend with people we’ve never met?” I asked doubtfully.  

“Yes,” was Luke’s response. 

“Okay, I guess we’re on a kick of going for completely new experiences,” I acquiesced. 

 Luke confirmed and paid the small fee to contribute to the Airbnb rental, and we sent our child to his grandparents for the weekend under the vague guise of “we’re going to have a date weekend.” 

The experience turned out to be fucking amazing with a ton of sex and naughtiness and new friends. I never wrote about it because time got away from me as my real job keeps me incredibly busy. But a short summary would be we each fucked 3 new people that weekend, met amazing people, and enjoyed dressing up in naughty costumes for Halloween.

I think a highlight for me was the first night when there were three couples on a bed together fucking. I remember a moment, being on my back and listening to the women sing their beautiful songs of pleasure. I tipped my head back and kissed Malcom who was being ridden by Brie. Yes, it was indeed a great weekend. The pictures in “Fuck, Baby” came from that weekend. 

That experience gave us entry into a group of amazing people in our area. We got added to a Lifestyle chat group; imagine a chat consisting of conversations, sexting, and a ton of unashamed image/video sharing in a group of 130 people. Who knew these things existed?

The lifestyle has added many benefits to our lives, and one of the top ones being that we’re making so many amazing friends. As adults, it can be hard to connect with other adults. Everyone is so busy and absorbed in their own business. In the years leading up to this transition, we rarely made new friends, and when we did we, never connected with them on a level anywhere near what we have with our new group of people.  

Ricardo and Loraine, a couple we swapped with at Brie and Malcolm’s event, invited us to a birthday party for Loraine this last weekend. Ricardo and Loraine are a great couple with a fun and sexy vibe. He’s Hispanic with a toned body and a huge cock, and she’s Asian with deliciously large breasts. Their couple energy is beautiful and harmonious, and they’re friendly and welcoming.  We hit it off great with them, just like we hit it off great with Brie and Malcolm. 

Ricardo started a chat group for the party and added a variety of fantastic people. In the week leading up to the event, we developed an obsession for checking our phones to see what was new in the group, a group of 30 people chatting, flirting, and sharing sexy pictures and videos in anticipation for a night of fucking that we were all progressively more and more excited about. Being the seductive flirt that I am, I made sure to post my own share of sexy pictures and flirtatious words, and since in that setting I’m J and not Lila, my beautiful face was able to come out to play (aren’t you jealous?)

One single man who had been invited was positively delicious. His name was Malik, and he introduced himself as the bartender for the event. He shared a collage consisting of several shirtless photos, displaying his sculpted abs. In his introduction, he said: “Hi everyone! I’ll be your bartender for the evening. This bartender doesn’t ask for tips, but he does offer one ;). Very good friends with the very beautiful bday girl and Ricardo.” 

Since I can’t help myself from crafting a flirtatious sentence, the following conversation unfolded: 

Malik: “I wouldn’t say no.” 

Brie: “Sharing is caring babe.” 

Malik: “So much tipping going on. Such generous guests.” 

For me, a flirtatious conversation is a beautiful and erotic way to build desire and anticipation. It’s one of my favorite kinds of foreplay. I would much rather have a sexual encounter with someone who I talked to first over time and was able to flirt with than someone who I just met. If you know how to use your words well and flirt through them, you can get me ready to push you onto a bed and defile you.

Over the remainder of the days until the party, Malik consistently left emojis and short comments to the things I shared, making me think that perhaps, just perhaps, I would get to taste him after all. 

A few days before the party, Brie sent me a message in the private chat group between Luke and I and she and Malcolm. 

Brie: “I’m super excited about the party. We need to tag team Malik. He looks so delicious.” 

Brie: “Yes! He’s high on my list as well. Wayyy to much sexiness for me to handle on my own.” 

Brie: “I love that we’re plotting. And btw I think all of your nature selfies are hot AF” 

Luke: Selfies?? Does anyone give photographers Credit anymore.” 

Malcolm: “@Luke I think it’s about high time we start plotting, what say you??” 

Luke: “Agreed. We should be a gang bang duo… 

Malcolm: The people have spoken. I know the assignment.” 

Brie “Oh my god! I love your freaky ass. Yes yes and yes I’m so down. I’ll bring the goodies. 

I was raised to “save myself for my future husband.” Never during my “good girl phase” could I have imagined a time where I’d be planning the rapture of a sexy hot single man with the girlfriend of another man in the presence of our men.

For those of you who have not ventured into the freedom and openness of the lifestyle, let me tell you, there’s something fun and beautiful about allowing each partner the ability to play and enjoy themselves. I think too often monogamy makes us partners in life, keeping up the house, taking care of the kids, cleaning, paying bills, etc… And we don’t allow ourselves to be partners in play. We forget to play. And yet, to keep life from becoming stagnant and monotonous, play is so important. 

We rolled up, Luke and I, to that house on a hill where we were going to fuck and be fucked. The city lights twinkled under a thin layer of fog as I walked carefully to the house, trying not to trip in my tall golden heels. As we entered, Loraine, the birthday girl, greeted us with a big hug. They introduced us to a couple who Luke and I had been chatting with. Their names are Mendy and Loris. Mendy is a ripped black man with the body of a gym junkie. He was a professional soccer player, and his athleticism shows. Loris is young, in her mid twenties, and is a sexy blond with a curvy body and perky booty. In many ways, they’re similar to Luke and I. 

They had each reached out to us a few days prior, perhaps pinning targets on our backs after watching our “Introduction Collage” that Luke had put together. It’s a mixture of naughty pictures and a video of Luke’s cock sliding in and out of my pussy. We didn’t invent the tradition of naughty collages. The introduction collage seems to be a cultural staple of the online swinger groups, and most include porn. 

The 6 of us hung out and chatted while more and more people arrived. Malcolm and Brie showed up next. I chose “Brie” for her pseudonym in my writing because of my story “The Cabana.” She is stunning, a curvy mixed race woman with ample breasts, a sweet smile, and curly hair, and she’s also a sexy freak; our plan to tag team Malik was just the type of erotic plotting that Ashe and Brie would have done in that story, and so Brie she is. Malcolm is vibrant, a strong man full of smiles and naughty Scorpio energy, just like me. 

Malik came in next. He’s a tall and fit man with a very calm spirit. He has a hint of shyness mixed in with his confidence that together is sexy, suggesting that he would be an attentive and sensual lover.

He has short twisted dreads and was wearing a large brim hat. I rather enjoyed watching the way Brie’s eyes sparkled when she looked at him. We both started flirting with him, subtly at first, but as the evening wore on, we made sure he knew he had a target on his back, placed there by the two of us. From the way he looked at me and flirted, I could tell I had one on mine as well. 


After more people had arrived, we all took some photos. All the girls lined up and smiled. Since it was a swinger party, we also all turned around and hiked up our dresses for a nice big ass shot. Things were starting to warm up.

Ricardo then announced that it was lap dance time. He wanted Loraine to get a bunch of naughty attention. She herself had called for it in the chat the week before, and I had come prepared with knee pads ready to get down on the floor and dirty. 

“You’re going first,” Ricardo told me; he knows I’m not shy when it comes to throwing seductive energy and getting the party started. Luke came up to me and slowly pulled my red cocktail dress up and over my head, leaving me in a red lacy Victoria’s Secret thong and also leaving me the first to get naked. Ginuwine’s “Pony” started playing, and I got to work giving the birthday girl what she deserved while the others watched and cheered.

After my round of twerking and winding other people started taking turns. I walked to where Malik was sitting with Brie standing next to him. I threw him a naughty “Lila” look and gave him his own lap dance, sitting on him and grinding for a short time.  

From across the room a man watched me. His name is Simon, and Luke and I have been talking with him and his girl Francesca for a few weeks in a small group chat. They seem to have great energy, and we were very excited to finally meet them at this party. The sexual tension had been high between us, and the vibe seemed there. I threw him some eyes and a booty shake, and he came over to where I now stood. 

“Do you want a massage?” He asked. They had brought a massage table with them and had it set up in the living room. 

“I won’t say no to that,” I responded. Afterall, when I do watch porn, I tend to gravitate toward the massage parlor genre. 

Simon led me to the living room and helped me onto the massage table and proceeded to run his strong hands across my body. Standing at the head of the table, he slid his hands from my shoulders down my bare back and across my ass. He applied the right amount of pressure that had my body submitting to his touch. My hands had access to reach up and explore his strong thighs.

When we came back from our brief time out, Luke had just started his defilement of the birthday girl. His white jeans were undone and pulled halfway off his muscular ass, revealing the thong he’d worn for the occasion. His shirt was gone, leaving his washboard abs to roll to the rhythm. He had a leg on each side of her chair and a hand on the back of it as he rolled his body on her. It was a sexy scene, but not as sexy as 10 minutes later… 

I don’t recall exactly what I did after the lap dances. I went to another room for some reason, and when I came back, Luke was standing in the corner of the living room getting his cock sucked by two lingerie-clad women, Loris and Sonia. Loris’s fiancé, Mendy, was sitting on a nearby chair watching. 

“Oh, that progressed quickly,” I thought to myself as I stood watching the sight before me, happy that my husband was getting to experience what I imagine is many a man’s fantasy, two beautiful women kneeling before him to taste and lick and suck him.  

Almost as if on cue, Luke and Mendy got up and each took a woman to the nearby couch. Luke took Loris, and Mendy took Sonia, a unicorn as they call the single ladies. The girls knelt backwards on the couch while both men, pants around their calves, fucked them. Both Luke and Mendy play soccer and are dark and very muscular. 

For a brief moment I watched Mendy thinking he was Luke, so alike they appeared from behind. I left the scene to find Malik to flirt with him and run my fingers across his abs; I prefer a slow flirtatious buildup as opposed to jumping straight into it.

A bit later, Ricardo summoned the men he’d tapped to give Loraine a gang bang. Afterall, what better present could a doting husband give his wife for her birthday than an extra dose of cock?  He didn’t quite announce it, but people heard and most everyone went upstairs to watch. Luke and Mendy were in the room, ready to attempt to fulfill their duty, the other two men were nowhere to be seen having opted out of the pressure.  

The sexy birthday girl lay in silky lingerie in the middle of a king sized bed made red with satin sheets. The excited onlookers crowded the foot of the bed like ancient European royals watching the birth of an heir.

One thing I’ve learned in these sexual explorations of mine is that there is often a distinction between fantasy and reality. One thing Luke has learned is that his cock doesn’t like to perform under pressure. Neither Luke nor Mendy could get their cocks to cooperate with the plan. But all was not lost because Loris came in with a strap on and fucked Loraine like a champ while the audience cheered and took videos, one of which became a highlight in the chat group. 

As Luke went off to take what was his third conquest for the night, Brie and I decided it was time to fulfill our sultry plan of enjoying Malik. We lead him, quite willingly, to a bedroom. I pushed him back onto the bed after finally removing his shirt and freeing his delightful abs. Brie had already undone his belt and dropped his pants. He settled in, soulful eyes watching our every move with anticipation.  

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