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An Untethered Soul

Naked woman wearing red shoes and a jean jacket

Here’s my version of the “I Am From” poem genre. If you’ve never read one, just Google it. You might find some enjoyment out of writing your own. Subscribe to a paid membership to see the many nudes hidden between the lines of this poem ?.

I am from the songs of mountain wind winding through swaying pines.

I am from lush meadows sprinkled with springtime flowers.

From bare feet covered in summer dust, from hikes, and back road adventures.

I am from naked skin caressed by the cool water of a winding river; from droplets dripping down wet hair to slide across sun-kissed skin. 

I am from bareback gallops across lush mountain pastures,  fingers gripping a chestnut mane as my own flows behind me. 

From sunsets and starry nights to days spent wild and free.

I am from a place that shaped my spirit to be untethered.

Here’s a small taste for you free viewers.

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