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Let me become your fantasy

The Things They Teach Him

My husband has recently started sleeping with multiple women.  To be fair, I’ve been getting my fair share of cock, too. Swinging into the lifestyle (the LS as it’s called) has brought many interesting additions to our lives.  One unforeseen benefit is the honing and expanding of our sexual skills. 

Happy Anniversary, Honey

What do you think would make a great anniversary present? Luke thought an MFM would be great, and he was right. This piece is part erotica, part reflective commentary.

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I know that things are isolated up there in the north pole, but surely you’re not still stuck in an era that equates empowered female sexuality with something vulgar or naughty, are you? Now, I will be the first to admit that this year has been the most promiscuous of my life, but that doesn’t mean that I have been naughty.

As the Timber Wolves Howl

I had a dream about you last night as I slept naked in silky red sheets. We’ve never met, but I knew your face nonetheless, and in the dim surreal land where dreams live, I saw it. As is often the case with dreams, the rules of reality bent and twisted in the strange world of my sleep’s weaving, leaving you the only anchor that tethered me. When I woke, a fine film of sweat covering my body, I felt the heat of desire and a sense of comfort from how near I had come to you. 

Double Trouble

In this autobiographical account, Lila shares her sexy experience at a swinger party where her and hubby got down and dirty.

Naked woman wearing red shoes and a jean jacket

An Untethered Soul

Here’s my version of the “I Am From” poem genre. If you’ve never read one, just Google it. You might find some enjoyment out of writing your own. Subscribe to a paid membership to see the many nudes hidden between the lines of this poem ?.