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The Things They Teach Him

My husband has recently started sleeping with multiple women.  To be fair, I’ve been getting my fair share of cock, too. Swinging into the lifestyle (the LS as it’s abbreviated) has added many new elements to our lives – parties, friends, lovers. One unforeseen benefit is the honing and expanding of our sexual skills. 

I’ve noticed subtle shifts in the way my husband fucks me, and it’s because he’s learning new techniques from all the women he fornicates with. Allow me to elaborate.  Harmony and Sonia took his fingering game up several notches, perhaps because they both know how to squirt, giving him gushing affirmation of where and how to touch the G-Spot. Brie taught him choking, and Loraine taught him how to give vocal affirmations in harmony with the rhythm of his strokes. Nichole, being quite the little dirty talker herself, expanded his nasty vocabulary. They all gave him practice and training in holding the right stroke for long enough.  

Consequently, I’d like to posit an alternative perspective when it comes to relationships.  Sure other women could steal your man from you leaving you destitute and brokenhearted.  However,  another completely viable outcome is that they teach him how to fuck you better, a win win for all those involved. Why shoulder the burden of training when there are things you don’t even know how to train for. 

I had one lover once who was able to get me off during sex from the way he stroked me. Luke and I have never been able to replicate that. He’s always been an unselfish lover willing to please, but I always needed more to get me there during sex –  fingers, a hand, a vibrator on my clit. 

Last night Luke and I fucked! When I say fucked, I mean we fucked – good and hard. Maybe it was the tiny bit of weed I’d taken or the fact that we had both spent the afternoon frolicking with other people (a couple we had invited over for a play date), but whatever it was, we were on. He brought his big muscular body on top of me, and my body responded, pussy juicing and opening, allowing the length and girth of him to slide easily into me. We played around in different positions until he settled into the one that we both know gets me the closest –  missionary with my legs spread wide, him stroking low in a way that slides his lower abdomen across my vulva, giving me both the internal penetration that I love and the external stimulation that I need. 

Luke has not been the only one learning new things. The journey into the LS has also given me a wealth of opportunity to explore more about my sexuality and to help me tune into my own body and pleasure. Together, the things we’ve both been learning have steadily strengthened our own sexual connection. 

Luke’s body ground into me, slow and deep. My vulva glowed with sensation as his skin slid across it. Each stroke deepened my pleasure until my breaths were catching, the harbinger of release. I harnessed my own practice sessions, not letting myself focus on “trying to cum,” but instead focusing on how good those deep strokes felt. I focused on sensation as he stayed steady, unyielding until it happened. I came, loud and deep, sensations zinging internally and externally. I hadn’t had an orgasm in that way, from just sex and nothing else, in years. 

As we were lying on the bed, exhausted after he also came, I won’t lie, I raised my hand up for a fist bump. It was one of those kinds of night; it was the answer to the question, is the LS enhancing our relationship or taking away from it. 

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2 thoughts on “The Things They Teach Him”

  1. You look phenomenal in rope! ?

    Also, love this version of the LS where you both learn and become better lovers for each other as a consequence of being with others. Sounds like you’re living the dream and I’m happy to be able to witness some of it ?

    1. Thank you. I appreciate your comment. 🙂 We’ve only yet dabbled with the ropes, but we have really enjoyed it and want to do more. And yes, we’re both learning a lot about ourselves as we explore this new dynamic.

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