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The Freedom to Be

Do you really know the true nature of a woman? If you ever saw her, free and in her true form, you would stand in reverence.

Little Red Dress

What does this little red dress say to you? A touch of sophisticated mixed with a touch of if you took me to bed, I’d blow your fucking mind.

A woman in pink strappy lingerie

Her Paramour

“Mitch is having a shitty day working from home, but it turns around real quick when his married and aloof occasional lover seeks him out for pleasure.” ~ This story also includes some sexy pictures intermingled with the text. I hope you enjoy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Woman with her hand on a tree

Follow Me Into the Forest

…I let my sweater fall open and then pulled my white tank slowly up to rest above my breasts, the cold air whipping my nipples to full attention with one breezy caress. He smiled and took a step forward, watching with a predatory stare as I zigzagged my fingers over my breasts and down my stomach, circling my navel twice before gliding my hand below the waste of…