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The Wild Taste of You

-Lila –

Vibrant green leaves flutter above me, a cerulean summer sky their backdrop, as the symphony of a million gallons of chill mountain water drifts by. As I lay on my back,  I can feel him there, between my thighs, head bowed, worshiping me.

His knees,  strong and solid, dig into the sand. Summer sunbeams fall through the net of leaves above to dance across his back and my chest, playful and warm.

I can feel his tongue as it licks across my swollen lips and clit, it’s warmth and wetness a salve to my aching. The mountain above is our only witness. It stands silently, keeping watch as we turn this wilderness into our bedroom. 

It builds within me,  the tension,  the wanting,  the need. He enters me with his thumb as his other hand holds my thigh captive. I gasp,  adding my own waves of sound to the cool tongues of water lapping against rock.  

“Fuck baby” I moan,  fingers digging into the sand,  sand that embraces the underside of my body,  caressing my back,  my ass, my feet.  

He doesn’t stop. Instead he sucks my vulva harder, my pussy lips between his lips. Then, his tongue again, licking.

I pull a greedy breath of the warm mountain air into my lungs, my body taking it, transforming it, and releasing it back into the world as a beautiful song of pleasure as I fall delightfully hard over that edge, intertwining my own melody with the birds singing in the trees around us.  

-Luke –

She gets up from the place I made her cry out, moaning so deep and unrestrained.  I love watching her orgasm.  It’s so beautiful.  I observe her as she walks over to the water’s edge in our small pleasure cove along this river, in these woods. 


Before I tasted her, she’d asked me to take a few pictures, some sexy nature photos for her website. She’d walked out of the water, hair dripping and rolled in the sand like a lioness, staring at me in between shots with her intense brown eyes,  so full of wanting.

As I snapped photos, I wondered to myself what sort of story she would write about today. Her stories always make me hard when she reads them to me. 

As she rolled and twirled her body around, sand covered more and more of her, eventually obscuring that beauty mark on her ass that I love so much.

Her hair trailed down to perfectly cover her face in sandy long columns while her ass, half covered in sand, taunted me, my already hard cock throbbed and grew even more.

I watched lustfully as she arched her body forward to lie down and sprawl on the sand.

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There was a moment when she had struck a certain pose that I knew I couldn’t wait another minute to take her. Her full mane had trailed down, obscuring her back.  Her body, now filthy and covered in sand, looked as wild and free as the rocks and leaves behind her. Her arched back and ass were the center of my vision. Putting the phone down, I had pushed her down onto her back right there and eaten her until she had shaken with pleasure, her cries echoing off the water.


My wife is so fucking hot, I think to myself as she now stands there in the river against the backdrop of water and mountain, naked and unashamed, a force of nature that woman. She enters the chill water to clean off the sand covering her body. The water envelopes her inch by inch, working its way up to her pleasure engorged vulva. 

She dips her body in, scrubbing at the sand, and turns to throw a seductive stair at me. The water drips down her in trails that reflect sunbeams as she stands up. She pauses there for a moment, me looking at her while she looks at me. 

“I love you” she says as she walks out from where she stood, waist deep, and comes directly to where my naked body sits. She crouches down between my thighs that are spread wide in anticipation, looking at me, an Amazonian come to fulfill my fantasies. 

I watch intently as she leans down and nips at my thighs, driving sensations through my body as her river icy fingers zigzag up my thighs, my stomach, my chest. The warmth of her lips now kissing me contrasts starkly with the chill of her fingers, taunting my nerves. She takes her time getting to my cock, so hard and desirous of  her. 

But it’s not her touch that has me moaning in anticipation. No,  it’s that seductive smile she throws me, a smile that tells me she’s thoroughly enjoying herself, that drives me wild. She wants to taste me. She wants to take me into her mouth. I moan again, tangling my fingers through her thick, messy locks. I tug them gently toward my cock, reminding her how impatient I feel right now, how all I can think about is that moment where she will take me into her. 

Finally, she works her way toward my hard rod. Still teasing, she kisses the tip lightly. Her hair, highlighted by the sun bouncing off of it, hangs in thick strands that caress my body adding another layer of pleasure. Finally she moves slowly down onto me. Her lips constrict around me as her tongue trails tingles around my frenulum from within, all while her hand rubs the remaining part of my shaft. 

I watch it for a moment, taking in this beautiful wife of mine with her mouth lustfully taking my cock, her body bent over, naked, dripping vulva exposed to the river behind her. Then, I close my eyes and lose myself in the sensations. Sensations as strong and wild as the river that flows next to us. 

I’m brought back to myself when I feel something crawling on my thigh, an ant lazily exploring. I flick it off and focus my vision back to her. Light accentuates the curve of her back and the round mounds of her ass as she crouches in front of me. I watch as her pink fingernails slide up and down on me.  The red garnet in the gold ring she bought herself as the symbol of her sexy online persona glistens in the sunlight. In that moment,  my lust for her breaks free from the control I’d placed on it. I love her mouth,  but I want her pussy. I need my cock in that dripping slit now. It’s all I can think about, taking her here under these trees as this river, swollen by the melting of snow under a summer sun, flows by. 

I sit up and gently push her off of me, shifting my body to the side and laying her onto her back in the spot I just vacated. She reclines her body, propping herself up with her elbows behind her and opening her legs in one smooth movement.  Between her thighs is a full view of her beautiful pussy, still wet and swollen from the orgasm I gave her. The mountain behind towers over me as I tower over her, bringing myself down to take her. 

She let’s out a breath as I enter her, my cock aching with relief as it finally gets the drink it’s been thirsting for. Her warm wet flesh surrounds me. As I sink deep, I can see as her body shifts below me, absorbing the impact, thighs spreading wider. Those deep, seductive brown eyes stair up at me; they were the very first of her many beauties that I noticed when my eyes for the first time rested on hers.  

My fingers dig into the sand as the roar within me builds at the sight and feel of this woman beneath me.  Lila, my sexual goddess of whom I shall always worship. Pleasure shakes my body as violently as the shock of jumping into a  cold body of water as wave after wave of my cum shoot into her pussy. 

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