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Follow Me Into the Forest

Woman with her hand on a tree

There’s a cold,  yet very hot story that I know is hubby’s top sexy memory.

One weekend a few years back, we went to visit my family in the rural mountains where I grew up. The winter afternoon was cool and misty, and the clouds hung thick above, creating a muted hue to the afternoon air.

We decided to go for a walk in the woods. It seemed like the perfect opportunity for a sexy surprise, so as we were getting ready to leave, I palmed a big chunk of coconut oil for later and did my best to hold it in my hand as we walked arm in arm down the dirt road. 

The forest swallowed us up as we left the road to walk a small trail through the pine and oak woods. Eventually, we made our way to a small clearing I used to frequent when I was growing up. Curvy oaks lined the clearing with occasional pine trees further out, the perfect place to entice my man to shove me up against bark and lose himself deep in my pussy.

He deserved it too, this chance to think only about fucking me out there among the steamy trees until he turned my pussy into a wintery cream pie.  He always has so much control, so stubborn, that one.  

“No,  I want you to get yours first, babe” he’ll say, and when I do,  “do you want to  cum again? and again?” He says he fucking loves watching it, and I don’t blame him. If I were a man, I think it would be fucking hot to watch and feel a girl lose it all around my cock. 

But not today though, oh no,  today my main pleasure was going to come from watching him lose control, hard and deep.  

As we neared the place,  I fingered the warm oil covering my right hand. Smooth,  just the thing to let his big cock glide right in without my ass cheeks or thighs slowing the process. 

“You know” I teased, “Coco and I used to do nude photo shoots here when we were younger.” 

“Oh, this is the spot, ha?” He mused looking around.  He’d already seen some of the pictures since “naked in the woods at 20 something” is the perfect content for sexting, obviously. 


I looked around for just the right tree. Big enough to support my back, a nice curving angle… there to the left, that one right there.  I sauntered over to it, slowly, deliberately.  Putting one hand on the tree, I leaned over a touch, the rich bark beneath my fingers still wet with rain that had recently fallen. I looked back over my shoulder coyly. 

My “hey babe” caught his attention.  I turned toward him fully and ran my tree moistened hand down my lips, toward the zipper on my sweater.  I unzipped it and leaned my weight back onto the tree until my ass touched it. He turned to face me completely now,  a touch of hunger in his eyes.  

I let my sweater fall open and then pulled my white tank slowly up to rest above my breasts, the cold air whipping my nipples to full attention with one breezy caress. He smiled and took a step forward, watching with a predatory stare as I zigzagged my fingers over my breasts and down my stomach, circling my navel twice before gliding my hand below the waste of my jogger pants to say hello to the Goddess beneath and anoint her with the oil I had so slyly carried with me. I took my time and watched with a sense of prowess as the result of my teasing grew and bulged in his jeans. 

“You’re so fucking hot” he said as he lowered his hand to the crotch of his jeans to adjust. I withdrew my hand to the edge of my pants, bringing my other hand to the opposite side. Slowly,  I lowered my pants one side at a time, inch by inch until they dropped to my ankles, leaving my glistening, oiled up pussy free from all restraints. 

“Oh, fuck, babe” He moaned as he unzipped his pants, pausing for a moment to take it all in, water drenched bark, mist and fog dancing through the trees, and his half naked wife with her back arched against that tree just waiting with that seductive, teasing look on her face. 

He pounced, closing the remaining few feet in a breath and landing with one hand on his throbbing cock and the other roaming icy fingers all over – my nipples, my belly, my pussy. Then, a kiss, warm breath mixing with cool lips, an ice touched nose brushing a cheek.

He paused for a second, “I love you.  You’re so hot” 

“I love you too. Now fuck me, and don’t stop until you fucking lose it.” 

I got a lustful grown in response to that one and then a hand on my ass as he gripped me, squatting a few inches to enter me. 

“Oh fuck” he moaned out as he sank inch after inch into me, so warm compared to the chill air. I arched a bit more and pushed up on my toes to get ready for that hard and deep thrusting. It’s a good thing we were far into the woods because we weren’t quiet. 

With a hand still gripping my ass,  he roved the other over my body,  icy fingers tingling my spine,  pinching my nipples, tugging on a strand of my hair.  Then,  both hands held my hips as he moved, increasing thrust and intensity as he lost himself until he came hard, moaning deep as his fingers gripped my hips more tightly.  Then, his forehead rested on mine, the steamy air quietly sifting through the trees, his heavy breaths the only sound.  We waited a moment,  connecting,  breathing in each other’s air.  Then,  we continued on our walk through the dimming woods. 

And for fun, you subscriber, you can see some of those old pictures that Coco and I took back in the day. Enjoy. They’re from somewhere between my early to mid twenties.

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