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Woman tied by her ankles with red and purple rope.

Purple and red ropes snake around my wrists, my ankles,  while black lace and gold encompass my body in a beautiful, erotic display.  They bound me to the wall – Luke and the contractor who just installed these restraints. My arms are spread apart like a crucifixion, legs fastened close to one another, an elven mask covering my face. 

As I stand here,  compliant to their plans for me, they kiss my lips – both the moist, silky nether lips and my soft, parted upper entrance –  simultaneously. 

The contractor is on his knees with a calloused hand pulling aside my garment, allowing him the access he desires.  

Luke towers above me,  his head tilted down,  his full lips encasing my own as his hands sensually explore my exposed skin.  

They untie me. They flog me.  Then they fuck me. Luke, extra hard, pulses in my mouth while the contractor’s hands grip my hips. 

And I think to myself as my hair sways in rhythm to the thrusts echoing off my body how thankful I am that I chose a husband who doesn’t cage me, a husband who only ties my up in the literal meaning.

Here are a few pictures Luke took from our little at-home adventure. Enjoy…

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