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Woman in black leather corset and fishnet.

Cock Rate

The world of kink is vast and beautiful. I learned about a new one that I’d never heard of before.

Woman tied by her ankles with red and purple rope.


Purple and red ropes snake around my wrists, my ankles,  while black lace and gold encompass my body in a beautiful, erotic display. 

The Things They Teach Him

My husband has recently started sleeping with multiple women.  To be fair, I’ve been getting my fair share of cock, too. Swinging into the lifestyle (the LS as it’s called) has brought many interesting additions to our lives.  One unforeseen benefit is the honing and expanding of our sexual skills. 

As the Timber Wolves Howl

I had a dream about you last night as I slept naked in silky red sheets. We’ve never met, but I knew your face nonetheless, and in the dim surreal land where dreams live, I saw it. As is often the case with dreams, the rules of reality bent and twisted in the strange world of my sleep’s weaving, leaving you the only anchor that tethered me. When I woke, a fine film of sweat covering my body, I felt the heat of desire and a sense of comfort from how near I had come to you. 

Fuck, Baby!

Do you like the way these devil red heels make these long slender legs look? I bet you’re just sitting over there waiting for me to lean over,  so you can see how they shape my ass.